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I, Artemisia*

July 19, 2011

I, Artemisia


Drenched in pigment –

Naples yellow, verdigris,

I paint;

hands bound behind my back.


Bathed in composition –


I sketch;

eyes blindfold.


Engulfed in charcoal –

smudging fingered prints,

I shade;

strokes unmentored.                                                   


He draws me with his eyes;


my heartbeat pulses colour

through chromatic chambers.


I paint.


*Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652)


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  1. There’s a great French film about her called Artemisia, if you haven’t seen it. As a painter you got me with chromatic chambers. Lovely piece.

  2. Hi Anna… thanks for looking around… You know I actually watched the film the night before I wrote this one… found it completely haunting. I’d read a book about her a few years ago which got me interested… Appreciate your artist’s eye..and kind words..

  3. This is just gorgeous!

  4. i like these lines:

    “He draws me with his eyes;

    my heartbeat pulses colour

    through chromatic chambers.

    I paint.”

  5. mmm…there is a fine sensuality with this…and the hands bound and blindfolded…very nice…i dont mind a little painting…smiles.

  6. Wow! Wonderful words draw me in to the creative process, and the finish? Brilliant! I’m leaving with a smile! Thank you 🙂

  7. gorgeous…painting with all he is…true artists flow in and with and through their work and you captured this so perfectly…intense and with this certain sensuality of giving up to give and to become

    • Hi Claudia.. you’re in the right place for art… maybe you’ll see some of Artemisia’s work when you’re in Italy…? Thanks for reading and your enthusiasm…

  8. A great piece of art about making art. I love it!

  9. Appreciate that Aaron… cheers

  10. hedgewitch permalink

    The above posters have beat me to the punch, but I also like the flow of this, the quick capture of both character and purpose, and the sense of what it is to be an artist. Thanks for turning me on to this gifted woman who painted so successfully in a time when gender roles were stifling and seldom escaped.

  11. I really feel she had no choice… everything in her was a painter.. that’s what my research seems to tell me. Thanks for your comments – happy you made a new aquaintance tonight..

  12. Nice expression in your words. Great comparison.

  13. This is one of the first pieces I read of yours Becky and I remember the conversation we had on the board about whether poetry about something so specific can be exclusive. Not the case here as whether one has any background knowledge about your subject or not, poetry that is this well written can be enjoyed for the beauty of the words, imagery and skill alone and the reader can draw their own conclusions – it’s all about the ‘wiggle’ room. A very identifiable theme too, the glass ceiling still exists in many cultures/professions but if we keep chipping away at it, it will eventually shatter.

  14. Yes, I remember that conversation too… once the words are out there.. they’re free-for-all… 🙂

    I feel online publishing helps democratize things a bit… another piece of that ceiling crumbling.. syllable by syllable…

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement.. means a lot.

  15. The way this poem is set out is stunning, the sentiment; holding a time, and reaching
    as she is reaching, Just lovely.

    • Thank you Daniel… I’m very happy to hear you found her to be an active figure in the piece.

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