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Behind the Waterfall

July 19, 2011




drills out a sounding board;

sheer prismic curtain – dazzle; hush



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  1. nice…largo indeed…i love the sound of water….in many forms…the beat of rain the run of a river…

  2. your poem reminded me when we went behind Niagara Falls….”curtain” of water was dazzling ~

  3. Thanks for your comments… happy to know you connected.. it’s all about that 🙂

  4. Excellent auditory description of a water fall. Cacophony – I love it. Had to look it up but it is a perfect word for this poem. Awesome! Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks, Sheila… great choice of prompt. Yes… love that word cacophony… do believe I started with that and built the poem around it..

  5. This reminds me of a waterfall that my friends and I jump off of. Great poem, great words.

    • Thanks, for that, Aaron. Much appreciated… I remember doing a jump once and there was sheer terrified silence between leaving the side and slamming into the water…

  6. Well done. I enjoyed this muchly!

  7. hedgewitch permalink

    Water-green with envy over the easy mastery of the short and succinct–forever beyond my verbose pen, but I do so admire it in others. Perfect capture, cupping water in words.

    • Thank you so much… I do love the cinquain form.. really pushes you for concise word choice.. I need that too… 🙂

  8. Amazing word choice. Loved it.


  9. Tom Eliot permalink

    Oh yes… tight, succinct and expressive.

    the cinquain is a real test

    and you deliver with this fine sequence.

  10. Lull me to sleep…

  11. Beautiful cinquain!

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